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BCA International has been progressively design to build a Halal Gelatin Industrial Park that will allocate the first Halal Gelatin factory in South East Asia. As our aims for Malaysia to be established Halal Ecosystem, BCA International’s role and responsibilities to provide the Halal Gelatin Industrial Parks, Halal Gelatin R&D (testing lab), Halal Traceability System and Standard & Certification. Halal culture fosters a community-centric approach which is repeatedly recommended in Qur’anic injunctions.


Building a halal gelatin ecosystem

Creating efficiency in halal traceability

Aspiring to reach the halal world through digital technology

Services We Provide


Unique texture, elasticity and purity

Melts at body temperature and is fully digestible

Extend the shelf life of product

Cholesterol, purine and fat free

Cholesterol, purine and fat free

Gelatine is a Natural, healthy and versatile

It is defined as a product obtained by the partial hydrolysis of collagen derived from the skin, white connective tissue and bones of animals.
It does not occur freely in nature, and cannot be recovered from horns, hoofs and other non- collagen containing parts of vertebrate animals.
It is a pure, natural protein made from animal raw materials that contain collagen.
Gelatine contains neither preservatives nor other additives and is free of fat, cholesterol and uric acid compounds.
In addition, it does not cause any known allergies, is 100 % natural and is cholesterol, purine and fat free.