BCA-I Promoting Halal Gelatine Globally

A complex, multi-stage process

  • Pre-treatment

    The raw materials are first freed of fat and minerals. Then two different pre-treatment methods are used, depending upon the raw material and the intended application.

  • Extraction

    The pre-treated raw materials are now mixed with hot drinking water and extracted in a multi-stage process. The temperature of the heated water is a parameter for gel strength: the lower the temperature of the water, the higher the gel strength, or Bloom value, of the extracted gelatine.

  • Purification

    The extracted solutions are freed of traces of fat and fine fibres in high-performance separators. Just as in the beverage industry, the finest particles are removed through filtration. In a last purification step, the gelatine is freed of calcium, sodium, residual acid and other salts.

  • Thickening

    The gelatine solution is now concentrated in a vacuum evaporation system and thickened into a honey-like mass.

  • Drying

    The highly concentrated gelatine solutions are sterilized, cooled, set and dried under strict hygienic conditions. This process results in “jelly noodles” that are ground into grains after drying.

    The quality and purity of the gelatine is ensured through extensive quality controls in the laboratory. All of these steps are indispensable in gelatine production and have been used for decades to manufacture high-grade gelatine.